Water changer & gravel cleaner 25ft hose
Water changer & gravel cleaner 25ft hose

Water Changer w/Gravel Vacuum 25ft hose and Accessories

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Our deluxe water changer makes monthly water changes and gravel cleaning easy and efficient. The unit easily hooks to most faucets with threaded aerator. The 25ft hose is usually enough to reach the aquarium and begin cleaning and siphoning water. Water is removed to the sink along with dirt and other organic material that settles into the gravel. Full instructions are included for siphoning, cleaning and refilling the tank.

Contents of kit:
  • Sink Attachment w/adapters
  • Control Valve w/Built in Splash guard
  • 11" Gravel tube with on/off switch
  • 25 feet of tubing
Water Change Tips
  • Change 25% of your water monthly
  • Add dechlorinators or other water treatments
  • Refill aquarium
  • Use standard gravel vacuums for in-between smaller water changes and cleaning

Why You Need This
No matter what filtration you use a gravel vacuum will help you maintain a cleaner and healthier environment for your fish by both removing waste that settles to the bottom and facilitating weekly water changes. In most cases you can perform monthly or weekly water changes and clean your gravel in under 30 minutes. This also has the added benefit of reducing the maintenance on any filters you have running on your aquarium.

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