Submersible 5 Stage Filter for up to 1200 gal Ponds & Water Features

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Part Number:RO1200PF
The Rena OEM pond filter kits consists of a submersible filter with two grid filters, 15 Bio Balls, and one each Carbon Filter pad and White Micro-Filter pad. Combined this makes a very strong filtration system for ponds up to 700 gallons. These pond filters can be combined to increase filtration for larger installations. Each unit is made of heavy-duty plastic which can withstand many months under water without cracking.

The filters provide the three most important types of filtration to insure clean and clear water. The water is pulled through the filter by means of a water pump (not supplied) first flowing through a filter grate on top which removes large debris such as rotting leaves and other organic material which might slow flow through the system. Once through the grate the water goes through a small pore white filter pad which removes smaller particles that can cloud the pond water. The water continues to flow through a carbon-infused larger pore filter pad which further removes particulates and treats the water with activated carbon which absorbs colors and odors.

After passing through the carbon filter the water travels through another filter grate and then in the biological filter chamber. The 15 bio-balls with ammo-rock inserts removes ammonia and sets up biological filtration that uses naturally occurring bacteria which further breaks down harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrite. The natural filter action returns the cleaned water back into the pond in a state that is not harmful to fish and any nitrates left in the water are used to fertilize any live plants growing in the pond. This results in a very healthy ecosystem for the inhabitant’s and clear water for the pond keeper.


  • Dimensions in: 12 x 12 X 3-1/2 High
  • Filtration: 2 Filter Grates, Carbon Filter, White Micro Filter, 15 Bio Balls
  • Removable Tubing Fitting on Front
  • Corrugated 12 inch length of tubing supplied
  • Pump Fitting that fits some brands of pumps
  • Convenient snap on handle for easy removal
  • Pump Notes: No pump is supplied but we recommend:
  • Rena RO1100S-IL and similar in-line pumps
  • Filter Replacements Available
  • Warranty: three years on plastic tray and fittings

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