Rena OEM Internal Pond Power Filter Kit w/UV 2000gal capacity plus accessories

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Part Number:RO2000IPF

Our new submersible pond filter provides a number of benefits for the pond keeper. First, it is easy to set up and very easy to clean. It also comes with it's own water pump built right into the filter. Secondly it provides four main filtering methods, chemical, biological, mechanical and Ultra Violet sterilization. Usually this quad-mode filtration is only found in very expensive pond filtration systems costing as much as $1000.00 or more. But thanks to a very clever design, Rena OEM has packed this filter with all 4 in one convenient system.

The water flows first through large pore foam filter to remove large particulates then into the biological filter chamber with millions of bacteria that will process ammonia and other harmful organic pollutants into harmless nitrate which can be used by your live plants as natural fertilizer.

Then the water passes through a small chemical filter chamber to remove any residual ammonia that might not be processed by the biological filter. This filter area can also contain other chemical filters including carbon and other materials available depending on the specific needs of your pond.

The last stage of the filter is the Ultra Violet Clarifier which kills any active green algae cells and harmful organic pathogens that cause disease in your fish. The water then enters the powerful 530 gallon per hour pump and exits from the filter. The filter is complete with several spray heads which can help with pond aeration or the water can simply be connected to any vinyl tubing for recirculation over a small waterfall or fountain/statuary ornament.

  • Capacity: 1500 gal pond/supplemental filter for larger ponds
  • Flow Rate: 530 gph/Lift 9 ft max
  • Cord Length: Pump 33ft:UV 33ft
  • UV: 9 watt
  • Mechanical Filter: 3 Stages
  • Aeration: Multi-Functional Spray Head Kit w/Flow Control
  • Filter Size LWH: 16"x 11"x6"
  • Biological Filter Starter: API Quick Start Treats 1,410 US Gallons
  • Warranty: Motor body 3 years,
  • Warranty: UV system, excluding bulb and cover, 3 years.
  • Replaceable parts such as filters, rotors, bulbs, etc 90 days.