Multiple uses
Multiple uses

Rena OEM Garden / Utility Water pump 2640gph, 21ft lift, 33' cord, 3 year warranty

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The Rena OEM compact Garden and Utility water pump is ideal for large fountains, small waterfalls, ponds and for general transfer and dewatering needs. The intake features a dual-setup system with an intake filter which will remove larger debris and prevent clogging. This optional use pre-filter can be removed revealing a tubing style intake to which a variety of useful accessories can be attached. The pump will also operate in an "in-line" setup if water is allowed to flow freely through the pump. The motor is a split-tube design with asynchronous motor and only one moving part. The pumps are not only powerful but still energy efficient when compared to standard direct drive pumps which saves you money. These pumps can replace pumps costing twice as much to purchase and operate.  Motors are resin filled and contain no oil. The rugged vortex impeller is built to handle solids up to ¼ inch.

  • Max Flow:  2640 gph
  • Max Lift: 21ft
  • Dimensions in: 10L x 5W x 6H
  • Outlet OD: 1-1/2M threaded
  • Intake: 1-1/2 M threaded
  • Adapters: Included for variety of tubing sizes
  • Impedance Protected Motor
  • Amps: 1.2
  • Cord Type: UL 3 wire w/grnd
  • Cord Length: 33'
  • Warranty: 3 year
  • Approval: ETL

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