For aquariums from 25-40gal 120gph
For aquariums from 25-40gal 120gph

Rena OEM Forza Hang-On Power Filter 120gph for 25-40 gal aquarium

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For simplicity of operation with excellent results the Rena OEM Forza Filter is an economical choice for small aquariums. The two-layer cartridge system has a micro-filter attached to a 6 chamber activated carbon pellet filter. This insures that all water gets treated as it passes through the Forza filter system. After the water passes through the micro filter and carbon it reaches a biological filter with a 700 cylinder Bio-Plate which aids in the conversion of harmful ammonia and nitrites from the aquarium into much less harmful nitrates. Nitrates can be easily removed with regular water changes.

Hang-on filters have been around for years but the new compact sizes offer complete filtration for any size aquarium including the newer mini-tanks so popular today. The filter comes complete and installation can be completed in under 10 minutes.

  • Capacity: 25-40 gal aquarium
  • Dimensions in: 6-1/2T x 6W x 4D
  • Type: Fresh or Saltwater
  • Pump Flow: Max 120 gph
  • Electrical: 110V 60Hz
  • Power: 4 watts
  • Adjustable Flow Pump
  • Waterfall return aerates water
  • Filter Level Adjustment Built-in
  • Clear Cover for easy viewing filter system
  • Accessories Included: Intake Tube/strainer/Extension [Tot Len 11-1/4 in]
  • Warranty: 1yr + 1yr if registered

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