Pressurized and modular pond filter system
Pressurized and modular pond filter system

Pressurized Pond Filter for up to 1250 gal Pond & Water Features (Open Box)

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The Rena OEM 3-stage pond filter is an inexpensive and easy way to achieve a clear pond with water quality that is safe for both fish and plants. What makes this filter stand out is the multiple ways it can be used in filtering a pond. It can be installed both inside and outside of the pond and can be expanded up to 3 units. Adding the RO5000PF to the installation adds the extra benefits UV filtration which means larger ponds up to 3000 gallons can benefit from this filter system. The maintenance is also very easy. Just unscrew lit and remove the filtration material, clean and re-use.

Tech Specs
  • Recommended Pumps: RO2000S/RO3000S/RO3500S
  • For Ponds and Water Features up to 1250 gal
  • Larger ponds can be accommodated with more units
  • Pressurized for maximum cleaning
  • Fits both 3/4 and 1 inch ID tubing
  • Both Biological and Mechanical Filtration
  • Mounts both in and out of water
  • Energy Efficient System
How They Work
Stage 1: water is pumped into the filter through the top port
Stage2: The water travels through two-layers of foam (coarse then fine)
Stage 3: water passes over the bio balls for biological filtration
Stage 4: clean water exits back into the pond still under pressure
Stage 5: Filtered water can be returned to pond, water feature or other filtration methods

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