Dual external/internal pond filter expandable
Dual external/internal pond filter expandable

Pressurized Pond Filter With UV for up to 1250 gal Pond & Water Features

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Our pressure filter with ultra-violet clarifier for ponds is an inexpensive and easy way to achieve a clear pond with water quality that is safe for both fish and plants. UV filtration has long been used in expensive water filtration systems for home and industrial use but most UV filters for the water gardener are often too expensive for many smaller fountain and pond installations that are less than 2000 gallons.

The simple design places the UV outside the main filter chamber for easy maintenance while still maintaining pressure in the discharge so the clean water coming out of the filter can be directed to a waterfall or spillway back into the pond. Inside the main filter chamber you will find two large foam filters for both mechanical and biological filtration and the bottom of filter contains BioBalls additional biological filtration.

Two additional advantages which really makes these filters stand out are the dual installation options and the modular design. First, since it is a sealed unit the filter can be mounted both externally or internally. Making them ideal for both smaller ponds and/water features.  Double Orings seal the unit but the top is still very easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance as is the very easy system for changing the 9 watt UV bulb. Secondly,  these filters can be hooked in series so you can add additional capacity to your system as your needs change.

Tech Specs:
  • Recommended Pumps: RO1350S, RO850S, RO800S, RO530S
  • For Ponds and Water Features up to 1250 gal
  • 9 Watt UV water clarifier for clear water
  • Pressurized for maximum cleaning
  • Fits both 3/4 and 1 inch ID tubing
  • Both Biological Mechancal Filtration
  • Mounts both in and out of water
  • Energy Efficient System
  • UL approved
How They Work
Stage 1: water is pumped into the filter and travels directly into the UV
Stage2: water is treated by the UV and pumped back into the filter chamber
Stage3: UV treated water is pushed through the foams for further cleaning
Stage 4: water passes over the bio balls for biological filtration
Stage 5: clean water exits back into the pond still under pressure

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