Consumes Pond Sludge
Consumes Pond Sludge

Pond-Zyme Sludge Destroyer 8oz jar treats 8,000 gallons Consumes Pond Sludge

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Pond-Zyme Plus now with the power of barley will break down solid waste matter that accumulates in all ponds (great for aquariums too!) from decaying plants and fish waste. These waste materials cause cloudy water and clogged filters. Use Pond-Zyme Plus in the Spring to break down this accumulated sludge and Accu-Clear to clear the cloudy water. Use at the rate of 1 spoonful per 100 gallons (380 L) for a clean and clear pond and reduced pond maintenance. Then use one spoonful per 200 gallons every two weeks to maintain water clarity throughout the season. The 8oz jar treats up to 8,000 gallons. 

Key Points:

  • Cleans and clarifies water
  • Starts working in minutes
  • Eliminates organic sludge and debris
  • Helps maintain a natural and healthy balance in your pond
  • Hawaii Shipments Require Agricultural Inspections before delivery.

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