Complete filtration kit for ponds up to 750gal
Complete filtration kit for ponds up to 750gal

Pond Filter w/Pump 700 gallon capacity, Mechanical & Biological Filtration NEW

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Our new submersible pond filter kit provides several benefits for the pond keeper. First, it is easy to set up and very easy to clean. It also comes with its own water pump which is easily removed for cleaning. Secondly, it provides the two most important filtration methods, mechanical and biological. With this filter you will be able to remove very small particles from the pond and provide a good level of biological filtration which is the natural method of breaking down ammonia into generally harmless nitrate.

The water flows first through large pore foam filter to remove large particulates and then into a medium foam filter remove smaller particles. Finally, the water enters the biological filter chamber with millions of bacteria that will process ammonia and other harmful organic pollutants into harmless nitrate which can be used by your live plants as natural fertilizer. We do recommend doing partial water changes throughout the year and measuring for ammonia and nitrate if possible.

The filter is complete with several spray heads which can help with pond aeration or the water can simply be connected to any vinyl tubing for re-circulation over a small waterfall or fountain/statuary ornament.

  • Capacity: 750 gal pond or supplemental filter for larger ponds
  • Water Pump: 290 gph/Lift 6 ft max
  • Mechanical Filter: 2 Stages
  • Biological Filtration: BioBalls with Zeolite Inserts
  • Aeration: Multi-Funtional Spray Head Kit w/Flow Control
  • Filter Size LWH: 12"x 10"x4.5"
  • Accessories: 12 inch Connecting Hose, 3 tubing adapters
  • Fountain Heads: 1 ea Mushroom/Bell and Tiered Spray plus adapters

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