Protects Ponds & Fountains from leaves and critters
Protects Ponds & Fountains from leaves and critters

Pond & Bird Protective Netting Black 14ft x 14ft strong and durable

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Using protective netting for ponds and birds will decrease maintenance time while preventing predators from entering your pond and damaging valuable fish and plants. This netting is also effective against falling leaves and debris from trees.

Made of durable UV-treated polypropylene the 3/4 inch holes will trap most leaves and debris from falling into your pond and fouling your pond and clogging your pumps and filters. Placed over the pond and fastened with almost anything including rocks or tent stakes this net will not block sunlight reaching your pond plants or prevent surface oxygenation which your fish need to thrive.

  • Durable UV-treated polypropylene with 3/4" holes openings
  • Protects fish and water life from predators
  • Keeps leaves and harmful debris out of pond
  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance of filters and pumps
  • Allow sunlight. moisture and ventilation
  • Safely keeps children and pets out
  • Great for protecting fruits and vegetables
  • Keeps water cleaner and healthier for optimum life
  • Helps extend the life of the pond

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