New And Expanded Range Of Colorful Aquarium Plants Now Available

Posted by Bob Rogers on 10/8/2020 to News
New And Expanded Range Of Colorful Aquarium Plants Now Available

We believe in using plastic aquarium plants in both aquariums and small container gardens. Plants are very realistic these days and much easier to find in a variety of colors and types. Our selection has grown to include over 20 items: these include faux versions of the most common plants used in Freshwater aquariums. Besides looking great, these plants provide a real benefit to inhabitants of your aquarium.

You may have fish in a community tank that generally get along, but bigger fish will chase smaller fish. This can put stress on your fish, and they won’t thrive. An aquarium with many plants will provide many hiding places for smaller fish reducing their stress and allowing them to thrive. Tips for installing aquarium plants: 

1: Your aquarium is really a window into an underwater world, so don’t put too many plants directly in front of the window.

2. Taller plants should go towards the back of the aquarium, which provides a very nice backdrop to what is in front while hiding some “backstage” items such as heater and filters.

3. Slope whatever substrate you (sand or grave) so that the back of the aquarium has 2-3 inches of substrate and gradually slopes down. Hence, the front has only about an inch of substrate. This helps give the aquarium a more 3-D look and reduces maintenance since waste, dirt, and dust migrate towards the aquarium's front where it is easier to remove during routine maintenance.

4. Middle ground plants look best in groupings. This is like what you would see in a natural setting. Most of the plants are going to fall into the 4-6 inch range. \

5: Smaller desktop or counter aquariums are very popular these days and require very few plants to look good. 6. Keep your plants clean by rinsing in aquarium water and using mild agitation with a brush or aquarium scrubber. I used my fingers to rub off algae also. Very easy to do, although tedious for sure.

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