Mushroom Spray RF300,320,400 Pumps (Pejet 1)

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The Rena Pejet 1 spray head creates a bell or mushroom type spray. This type of spray is used in smaller containers where splashing can be a problem. The width of the pattern can be changed by adjusting the flow of the pump and/or spray head. The material is UV resistant clear plastic that looks good when used with any type of artistic medium. 

  • Dimensions: 7-3/4"H x 3/4"D
  • Water Height: 6" depending on pump
  • Adjustable head, 3 extensions
Tech Notes
Works best on Rena Pumps with 3/8" outlets such as Models 15, 20, 10, Rena Flow 300, 400 and Pond Care 80. Can be easily adapted to fit other pumps including the Rena OEM, Fountain Pro and many others with 3/8" adapters. Requires only a small amount of silicone glue or teflon tape to slightly increase the diameter of the adapter.

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