12 LED lights rotate through colors
12 LED lights rotate through colors

Mini-Fogger/Mister w/12 R,G,B Lights & Low-Voltage w/Transformer

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Our new fogger with LED lights is programmed to rotate through red, green and blue giving a beautiful light show while fog floats in the air above the unit. Equipped with the new 16 mm Teflon-coated generator disk our fogger produces large amount of fog/mist while the generator disk remains quiet. The added benefit of Teflon coating is a longer lasting disk with virtually no build-up of minerals on the disk which lessens maintenance and downtime.

Don't confuse this unit with the much smaller foggers seen in the discount stores. These are the same type units used in ultrasonic humidifiers and we include everything you need to produce this effect except the container. Use your creativity to make you own humidifier or mini-fountain. Glass or ceramic work best but anything that will hold water will work. Use with an indoor fountain or add a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy essential oil to fill your room with healthful fragrance. Doubles as a great humidifier for your indoor plants.

  • Voltage: 24v AC
  • Amp: .9
  • Ultrasonic Frequency (KHz): 1700 +/- 40
  • Disk Size: 16mm
  • Cord Length: 6ft
  • Transformer Cord Lenght: 5ft
  • Dimensions Fogger in: 1"H x 1-9/16" Diameter
  • Minimum Water Depth: 1-3/4" Approx
  • Maximum Water Depth: 2" Approx
  • Disk Life: Approx 3000 hours
  • Coating: Teflon and/or Nickel/Titanium
  • Volume: 400 ml/hour Approximate
  • Mister Base with low-water switch off
  • Heavy Duty transformer
Tech Notes:
Transducer created fog/mist is delivered by ultrasonic waves that drive a disk which smashes the water into tiny droplets that float. This system produces a cold mist without the use of chemicals. This fog is heavy and will not travel beyond your container unless your container is less than 10 inches in diameter. However, we don't recommend using this in an area that could be damaged by moisture. This unit will use up to a quart a day of water and the base has a built-in safety switch to shut off the unit if it begins to run dry. You will need to have about 2 inches of water but a maximum 1/2 inch of above the safety switch will yield the best results. Too much water and the mist will not rise above the water. Water level is somewhat a trial and error process depending on the effect you seek. The ceramic or Teflon coated disk that produces the fog will wear over time but is easily replaced and takes only a few minutes.

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