Medium Size works best in aquariums 30-90 gallons
Medium Size works best in aquariums 30-90 gallons

Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner Medium For Acrylic & Glass

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Our new magnetic aquarium algae scrubber contains powerful magnets that control and hold the cleaning side to the surface while you control the scrubber pad from outside the aquarium. The scrubber contains pads for both acrylic and glass making fast work of removing algae from any aquarium. The larger size make quick work of removing algae in aquariums up to 125 gallons with a wall thickness of up to 3/8". For medium large size aquariums this may be all you need to keep your surfaces clean of algae.  In larger aquariums, the medium size makes fast work of algae located in spaces not reachable with larger algae pads or scrubbers. The weighted scrubber falls to the bottom of the tank if the two halves become separated. It will not float away making for easy retrieval.

Key Points:
  • Aquariums up to 125gal and/or up to 3/8 wall thickness
  • Dimensions in: 5-1/4L x 1-3/4W x 2-1/2 high
  • Material: Strong Magnet for fast cleaning
  • Cleaning: Rotates in all directions for reaching tight spaces
  • Surfaces: Includes pads for both glass and acrylic surfaces
  • Falls to the bottom if halves become separated
  • Will not float away

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