Fast water changes and cleaning
Fast water changes and cleaning

Gravel Vacuum with Priming Pump Start for Larger Aquariums and Water Changes

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Our large Gravel Vacuum is designed to be an every-week cleaning tool for a wide variety of aquariums from medium to larger sizes up to 55 gallons. The vacuum unit features a squeeze-bulb siphon starter which is fast, reliable and avoids any agitation of the water's surface. Since the priming bulb starts the flow there is no need to pre-fill the vacuum's head with water. The 2 inch intake is the largest we feature in our range of siphon vacuums.

The 2 inch intake makes fast work of cleaning aquariums 15 gallons and up although we still recommend the 16 in length vacuum for larger and/or taller tanks. If you have multiple larger tanks to service this gravel cleaner will do a wider range of aquariums even down to smaller tanks if necessary. If the only need is a water change then this siphon will make fast work of almost all size tanks. Like all our vacuums it includes the handy hose clamp for attaching to almost any container preventing any unwanted spills. Distributed by RENA OEM Sales.

Why You Need This
No matter what filtration you use a gravel vacuum will help you maintain a cleaner and healthier environment for your fish by both removing waste that settles to the bottom and facilitating weekly water changes. In most cases you can perform weekly water changes and clean your gravel in under 30 minutes. This also has the added benefit of reducing the maintenance on any filters you have running on your aquarium.


  • Extension Head: 10 inches long
  • Aquarium Size: 15 gal and up
  • 6' tubing
  • Priming Pump In-Line
  • 2 in diameter tube for largest volume
  • Hose clip for container

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