Freshwater Mini PH Test Kit (250 tests) For Healthy Freshwater Aquariums

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Every hobbyist needs to measure pH at least once a month. More often if your aquarium is new, had a recent water change or if you have recently had changes in the amount of fish or livestock in the tank. pH will fluctuate with these changes and water will become more acid. Many species can tolerate some changes but will not thrive unless the pH is stable and at the proper level. 

The API Freshwater Mini pH test kit has been the first choice for many hobbyists and is recognized for its accuracy, ease of use and excellent value. The computer calibrated plastic laminated color chart is easy to read and is not harmed by water spills. The kit comes complete with pH solution (childproof cap), testing directions and correction tips, plastic laminated color chart and 5 ml flat bottom test tube with cap. 

  • Number of Tests: 250
  • Range: 6.0-7.6
  • Test Time: 2 minutes
  • Solution refills replacement test tubes available

  • 1.25 oz test solution
  • Laminated Comparison Chart
  • Flat-Bottom Test Tube w/Cap
  • Directions and Tip Sheet for correcting problems

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