Compact Low-Voltage pump with halogen light
Compact Low-Voltage pump with halogen light

Fountain Pump & Light Kit Low-Voltage 70gph/10watt light, w12v AC transformers

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Where safety is an issue low-voltage AC is the answer. This mini-pump runs with safe 12 volt AC current supplied by the included transformer. This is the smallest pump we offer and ideal for desktop fountains and small aquariums. Recommended for use with clean water, the pump has a convenient front-mounted sliding switch for flow control. The pump will lift to a height of 25 inches but for most fountain applications we don't recommend going more than 18-20 inches height for best effect. With this unit and any small ceramic, clay or metal basin you can make a fountain out of almost anything. These also make great natural humidifiers. Similar pump but 110V power, RO320C, RO320S. Similar to other low-voltage pumps from Fountain Pro, Peaktop and others.

  • Max Flow: 70 gph
  • Max Lift: 25 in
  • Outlet Adapters OD: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
  • Amps: .18
  • Transformer: Yes
  • Cord Type: 2 wire
  • Cord Length: 6'
  • Dimensions in: 1-15/16L x 1-3/4W x 1-1/4H
  • Weight: 12 oz
  • Approvals: UL & ETL

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