Filstar Parts Availability

Posted by Bill Brown General Manager Rena OEM Sales on 1/27/2020 to News
Filstar Parts Availability

From The Desk of Bill Brown GM of Rena OEM Sales

To all owners and users of the Filstar Filter System


Hi Folks, Mars Fishcare has made the difficult decision to discontinue the Filstar Aquarium Filter Range. This was due to a number of factors including sales, cost of manufacturing in China and age of the model.


This product was introduced into the US in 1999 and had a great run in the Aquarium business. The design still works well and many features have been copied by other manufacturers. But the design is somewhat dated in the modern world.


Thousands of people still own these filters so I want to assure you that the manufacturer, Mars Fishcare, has replacement parts for the filters well into the future and so we will still be selling all the parts for several years to come. Many dealers also have stock of the complete filters while supplies last. I also recommend looking on Ebay and other sites for used systems. Many of these are still working fine and can often be stripped for parts.


Frog Pond Aquatics has always supported these filters so you can continue to get help from them if you need it. For technical questions you can always call the Mars Fishcare/API technical support line at 800-847-0659 or reach out to us at Rena OEM Sales 800-968-7362.


Thank You for your support and look out for new filters coming from Frog Pond Aquatics.

Best Regards