Outlet pipe
Outlet pipe

Filstar Outlet Pipe fits Rena XP & API Filstar XP plus many other filters

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The outlet pipe connects the flexible tubing exiting from the filter to the swivel sprayer included with API and Nexx filter systems. This outlet pipe is black (charcoal) hard plastic. This is the only outlet pipe available. If you have an older version of this piece, you may need to upgrade to the new simpler outlet system used on these filter today.

This new outlet pipe is more versatile and works great for aquarium used in low-water applications such as river tanks and turtle tanks. You can easily add flexible tubing from the outlet into the water which eliminates the problems of trying to use an aquarium sprayer in this type tank. The piece will also work in many other filter system and can be used to replace broken or outdated returns used in these systems.

***Please Note: This item will not work with the older Filstar models that had the "click connect" accessories.

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