Expanded Product Line for Turtles, Frogs & Newts

Posted by Bob Rogers on 2/13/2020 to News
Expanded Product Line for Turtles, Frogs & Newts
Frog Pond Aquatics now has an expanded line of API care products for turtles, newts and frogs. This line is designed to provide a natural treatment regimen for your critters should they get cuts or scrapes as well as providing you the owner a fast way to insure water quality and clarity. The range includes 3 products, Turtle Water Conditioner, Turtle Sludge Destroyer and Turtle Fix. You can read more and purchase these items using the links at the end of the post.

For now I want to concentrate on a unique product in the line, Turtle Fix. This product uses Melaleuca (Tea Tree Extract) combined with other natural ingredients to heal open wounds, inflamed tissue and small cuts and scrapes. When used you will see improvement in these conditions in 24 hours. Turtles are especially prone to abrasions and cuts as they get bigger and begin to scrape against everything inside the aquarium and each other. Newts and frogs have very delicate skin which makes them subject to infection as well which is why we advise if you keep any of these critters around Turtle Fix should be on hand too.

API Turtle Products:
Water Conditioner: Makes tap water safe instantly and remove Chlorine and Chloramines
Sludge Destroyer: Cleans turtle aquariums and breaks down organic waste and debris.
Turtle Fix: Treats Bacterial Infections and Repairs Damaged Tissue and Wounds Fast