Ammo-Lock Instant Ammonia Neutralizer & Detoxifier, 64oz treats 7680gal

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Pond Care Ammo-Lock instantly neutralizes both chlorine and chloramine making tap-water instantly safe for use in decorative ponds. Used in ponds containing fish and plants, Ammo-Lock instantly neutralizes tap water chemicals harmful to fish and also acts instantly on any excess ammonia. Excess ammonia not processed by the pond filter can increase rapidly during warmer temperatures, decaying plant matter and heavier fish feeding. Ammonia is highly toxic to fish but can be instantly neutralized by Ammo Lock. 

  • 64 oz Treats 7,680 gal (29,072 L)
  • Instantly detoxifies Ammonia
  • Eliminates Ammonia Stress on Fish
  • Promotes Healthy Gill Function
  • One Dose Neutralizes 3.0 ppm Ammonia*
  • 25ml Dose Eliminates 7.0 ppm Chlorine, 3.0 ppm Chloramines
  • For Garden Pond Use Only
  • Please use only as directed
  • Safe if used as directed observe all safety warnings
Tech Note:
Ammonia molecules are bound into a non-toxic form (locked up) so they can not harm fish and the ammonia molecules are broken down into harmless organic compounds over time. Highly recommended as a quick ammonia level reducer if fish are in stress.

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