Feed your fish while away
Feed your fish while away

API Vacation Fish Feeder lasts up to 14 days 5-10 Fish Marine/Fresh/Goldfish

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API Vacation fish feeders are the ideal way to feed your fish for up to 14 days without the use of expensive and often unreliable electric or battery operated automatic feeders. Once placed in the aquarium (AWAY FROM THE FILTER OUTLET PLEASE) the block will slowly dissolve and release nutrients into the water. The block contains natural ingrediants designed to meet the needs of goldfish, freshwater and saltwater fish.

The average block will feed up to 10 smaller fish and 5 larger fish up to 14 days. For best results use only in a filtered aquarium and place away from the filter outlet or air pump discharge. Remove any uneaten food upon returning from vacation.

Key Points:
  • Automatically feeds your fish while you are away
  • Natural ingredients, complete list on package
  • Feeds 5-10 fish up to 2 inches in size for 14 days
  • Time release block slowly dissolves releasing nutrients

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