Allows instant addition of fish
Allows instant addition of fish

API Marine Quick-Start 16oz treats 235 gal you can Add Your Fish Today

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Use Marine API Quick Start and immediately add fish to your aquarium. Even the same day you set up your tank! No more waiting 7 to 10 days to add fish to your aquarium and if you have to do a complete tear down of a tank you won't have to figure out way to store your fish until the tank is set up again. 

Key Points:
  • reef safe 
  • Instantly add fish 
  • prevents "new tank syndrome"
  • Immediately starts the aquarium cycle 
  • reduces toxic ammonia & nitrite 
  • contains live bacteria 
  • Proven to speed development of biological filter 
  • 2.5 year shelf life no refrigeration needed
The live bacteria contained in API Marine Quick Start immediately starts the aquarium cycle to neutralize toxic ammonia and nitrite which allows the instant addition of fish to your aquarium. Without adding API Quick Start it can take up to 21 days for tap water to rid itself of harmful ammonia and nitrate. This is often called cycling a tank.

But with API Marine Quick Start this cycling process happens instantly so no need to wait 7-21 days to add your fish. How does it work? The live bacteria contained in Quick Start immediately starts the water conditioning process which removes harmful ammonia and nitrite which are the most deadly pollutants to newly added fish.

We still recommend using a water conditioner to remove chlorine and chloramines, tresting for proper pH and temperature to insure the best initial water quality for your fish.

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