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API Marine Flake Fish Food 2.1 oz for marine fish, Clownfish, Wrasses & Tangs

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API Marine flake food is an optimized formula containing ocean derived protein along with other natural ingredients providing a balanced diet for healthy growth, vibrant color and reduced waste in the aquarium. Balanced for the unique needs of marine fish this formula contains a protein that is easily absorbed by marine fish and is fully utilized which reduces ammonia released into the aquarium for cleaner, clearer water, reduced filter load and less maintenance resulting in healthy fish and a healthy environment. API fish foods are highly palatable and aggressively eaten. Fish eagerly eat this new food due to the premium quality ingredients. Inexpensive fillers are never used.

Key Points:
  • promotes clean clear water
  • natural ingredients
  • easily digested nutrients
  • less fish waste
  • Omega-3 fatty acids promotes growth & development
  • Spirulina, carotenoids are natural color enhancers
Quality is also maintained by a superior packaging process using high grade, water resistant plastic canisters with tight-fitting screw-on lids. New product is sealed with a locking band on the lid insuring package contents remain fresh during storage. This provides you a fresher and more flavorful product for your fish.

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