API Goldfish Pellet Food 4oz Mini-Pellets promotes color/digestion

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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Goldfish pellets mini-pellet food for all varieties of goldfish including shubunkins, lionheads and fantails. Specially formulated to bring out the color of all varieties and improve digestive function for better fish health and less waste. Other ingredients include alfalfa, spirulina and marigolds for vibrant color and highly digestible protein sources including pea protein and squid. API Goldfish Pellets promote color, growth and energy for lively, colorful and healthy goldfish. Goldfish will eat this food rapidly but don't overfeed using only as much as can be consumed in three minutes. The food goes farther which saves you money and reduces waste for a cleaner and easier to maintain aquarium. 

Key Points:
  • Type: Pellet
  • Highly Digestible for clean, clear water
  • Special Ingredients: Alfalfa, Spirulina, Marigold
  • Vibrant Color Enhancers
  • Protein Sources: Pea, squid
  • Easily Digested, Sustainable
  • Fiber: Sugar beet pulp
  • Additional Ingredients: Yeast, garlic Vitamins C&E
  • Promotes vibrant colors
  • Immune System Support

Quality is also maintained by a superior packaging process using high grade, water resistant plastic canisters with tight-fitting screw-on lids. New product is sealed with a locking band on the lid insuring package contents remain fresh during storage. This provides you a fresher and more flavorful product for your fish.

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