Set of motor Orings
Set of motor Orings

API Filstar Rena XP Oring/Seals Repair Kit S,M,LG, XL and XP1,2,3,4

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A complete kit for replacing the Orings and Seals on the motors of all API & Rena Filstar series of canister filters. This includes the Filstar S (XP1), M (XP2), L (XP3) and XL (XP4). The kit includes 1 each of the Canister O-ring, Impeller Cover O-ring/Seal.

Tech Notes:
  •  Fits all Rena and API Filstar Filters
  • Includes all user replaceable motor seals
  • Fixes many leaking and priming issues
The API and RENA Filstar Canister filter range has been discontinued by the manufacturer, Mars Fishcare. We still have a large selection of parts and should continue to have a supply for some time to come. Please continue reading below for tips on how to maintain your filter without new parts.

1: Coat the the orings and seals with Vaseline or other water based silicone lubricant. This will stop many leaks
2: Buy a new motor which gives you both a new Canister Oring and impeller cover oring, add a Quick Disconnect and you will be replacing all Orings. I advise this if your filter is no older than 5 years and/or you have multiple filters which you use to swap parts to make one good filter.
4: Buy a used filter off Ebay or other site and use parts from that unit to refurb your current filter.

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