API Filstar Rena XP Oring/Seals Repair Kit S,M,LG, XL and XP1,2,3,4 *Discontinued*

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The API Filstar filter range has been discontinued by the manufacturer, Mars Fishcare. We have many parts still in stock but gradually parts will run out and the Oring kit has been the first part we no longer have. If your filter is leaking this can be fixed in many cases without replacing the Orings. If your filter is older (over 5 years) then consider replacing it with a similar filter. There are many alternatives on the market. Also, once a filter has been discontinued you can often find parts or used filters on places like Ebay.

You can often stop leaks by conditioning the seals with something like Vaseline or a water based silicone lubricant. and as long as replacement motors are available you can consider replacing the motor which contains two of three seals in the kit. A new Quick Disconnect gets you a new set of Orings for that item as well. In our experience over the last few years of selling these filters is that most leaks are not caused by bad seals. In general, leaks are caused when the  Quick Disconnect is not seated into the top of the motor correctly or has damaged mechanical parts inside that can't be serviced.

Leaks between the canister and motor can be caused when the Oring is not seated properly in the slot around the motor. Make sure the side with ridges faces out and this is what connects to the rim of canister.

A complete kit for replacing the Orings and Seals of All API & Rena Filstar series of canister filters. This includes the Filstar S (XP1), M (XP2), L (XP3) and XL (XP4). The kit includes 1 each of the Canister O-ring, Impeller Cover O-ring/Seal and a pair of Quick Disconnect O-rings. See online DIY repair videos at Planet Rena for instructions on replacing all three Oring/Seals.

Tech Notes: 
  • Fits all Rena and API Filstar Filters
  • Includes all user replaceable seals
  • Fixes many leaking and priming issues