API Filstar Rena XP Intake Extensions (x2) Plus Strainer fits all versions

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This item replaces item ACC840602-XP. A complete kit for upgrading or replacing the intake on your Rena or API Filstar Filter. This kit fits all models including the original Rena Filstar XP and the new API Filstar series of external canister power filters. The kit contents include both the inlet extensions (x2) plus an intake strainer. Use this kit to replace worn, broken or lost parts or to extend your intake deeper into the tank if necessary. Especially useful for aquariums housing turtles or aquarium environment with lower water levels such as "river tanks". 

This can also be used to extend the discharge deeper into the tank and used with the "intake strainer". The discharge back into the tank will be diffused and aerated. This works much better with the new inlet/outlet parts included with the new API Filstar. 

Tech Notes:
* Fits all Rena and API Filstar Filters
* Included 2 inlet extension & strainer
* Extends intake depth by 6 inches
* Bonus!-Can also extend discharge
* Fixes many priming and intake issues

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