Fits API L | RENA XP23
Fits API L | RENA XP23

API Filstar L (XP3) Replacement Canister w/Feet, Baskets, Clips Fits API & Rena

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The canister replacement for the Rena Filstar XP2 external canister filter consists of the outer canister, inner filter baskets and rubber feet. To avoid breaking the canister brackets when attaching and closing the top of the filter to the canister always start with an empty canister and let the aquarium fill the canister. Make sure when replacing the basket assembly that the basket is lined up and nested to each other correctly. Also make sure the basket assembly is seated properly in the bottom of the canister. Failure to do so will result in broken clip(s) or broken bracket(s)on the canister itself.

Quick Fix for broken bracket
Electrical (zip) ties can be attached end to end to make a longer tie that will go over the the top of the filter and under the canister at the feet. The zip tie can then be tightened and along with the other clamps will usually hold the motor down on the filter canister until you can purchase a new canister.

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