pH Test Kit Liquid High Range 7.4-8.8
pH Test Kit Liquid High Range 7.4-8.8

API FW/SW High Range Test Kit & Refill 160 tests African Cichlids, Marine & Goldfish

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API High Range pH test kit are needed for certain fish species that thrive in water with higher pH. Standard pH kits don't always measure up to the highest ranges of this test kit. Accurately measures pH of water above 7.4 and up to 8.8 range. Each kit includes High Range solution, measuring test tube, computer calibrated laminated color chart and specific instructions for making pH adjustments. This test is recommended for most live-bearing fish such as mollies, swordtails and goldfish. African cichlids require even a higher pH level of 8.2. Marine fish and invertebrates require even higher levels of between 8.2-8.4. This kit can also be used as a refill for any API Master Test Kits that includes multiple tests. 

Key Points
  • Economical, performs 160 tests
  • More accurate than strips
  • 5 year shelf life
  • Complete kit: Solution, Glass Test Tube w/cap
  • Detailed instructions for use
  • Laminated, easy to use indicator card
  • Tips on adjusting pH

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