API External Canister Filter Filstar XP S (XP1) 45 gal. Great for Turtles & Fish

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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, Mars Fishcare. Parts are still available. Filter media still available.

The Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Filstar Canister Filter range originally introduced into the USA by Rena France has become a classic for the aquarium hobby and is still one of the best selling canister filters on the market. What makes this award winning filter so unique? First, bypass-free filtration. This insures that all water passes through the filtration media. This is done with an up-flow filter design that has the added benefit of allowing gravity to settle out larger particles in the bottom of the canister thus reducing the maintenance required on the foam filters. 

Setup and cleaning is also easy with the Rena Filstar XP filter system. The filter has a unique quick-connect locking valve system that allows the priming system to remain charged (filled) even while cleaning the unit. No more sloshing water on your floors while carrying a full canister to the sink! After cleaning, insert the valve system in the top and push down the handle to start water flowing into the canister. This means no more re-priming after each cleaning, a real time saver! 

Little things also count API. The media baskets all have handles, making stacking and cleaning easier. The impeller chamber has an easy twist-off cover for easy access to the impeller area for inspection, cleaning and replacement. Each unit comes with color-coded inlet/outlet accessories that snap together for easy assembly. The bottom of the canister has two heavy-duty rubber feet that suppress vibration, reduce noise and insure the unit stays put. 

API Filstar S (XP1) Series Canister Power Filters
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  • Flow: 250 U.S. GPH (950 L/H)
  • Suitable for Aquariums up to 45 U.S. Gallons (170 L)
  • Canister Volume: 1 U.S. Gallons (4.4 L)
  • Flow w/media: 142 U.S. GPH (535 L/H)
  • Watts: 13
  • Max Head: 47 inches (1.2m)
  • Dimensions in: 9 3/8L x 8 1/4W x 11H
  • Approvals: UL
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Filtration Chambers: 2
  • Media Available: Chemical, Mechanical, Biological
  • Included Media: 30ppi foam, 20ppi foam, micro-filter