Cichlid Pellet Large
Cichlid Pellet Large

API Cichlid Premium Floating Pellet Food 7.1oz

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Floating Pellet Food w/Banana Meal, Cockles High Paltability
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Cichlid Large Floating Pellets by API for all cichlids is a unique formula containing enhanced protein that insures easy digestion, maximum nutrient absorption and less ammonia waste released into the aquarium resulting in healthier fish and cleaner, clearer water. Cichlids grow fast and will need these larger pellets as they mature. Use the smaller pellets, item 825C, for younger or smaller fish.

Key Points:
  • large floating pellets
  • includes plant proteins, spirulina, banana and pea
  • essential amino acids from shrimp and menhaden (herring family)
  • fully digestible for less waste and cleaner aquarium

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