Makes tap water safe for Bettas
Makes tap water safe for Bettas

API Betta Water Conditionr 1.7oz treats 40gal w/Aloe Vera & Green Tea Extract

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MELAFIX is a natural and safe way to treat bacterial infections in freshwater and saltwater fish. The active ingredient Melaleuca is derived from the Tea Tree and if used according to the directions will rapidly treat bacterial infections and repair open red sores and wounds. Works equally will on fin and tail rot, pop eye, body slime and mouth fungus on fish. Also used in commercial aquatic farms to control bacterial infections and tissue degradation. Melafix can be used in all freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Treating with Melafix will not harm the biological filter in saltwater aquariums.

  • Rapidly heals open wounds caused by bacterial infections
  • Does not harm biological filter
  • Works with fresh and saltwater species
  • Convenient dosing cap included

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