Complete Betta Care in One Box
Complete Betta Care in One Box

API Betta Box 5products for the care and feeding of your BETTAS $37.00 value

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NEW! All Your Betta Supplies in one box. GREAT Value!
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The API Betta Box bundle contains everthing you need for care and feeding of your Bettas. From aquarium setup to the health and feeding of these colorful and mysterious fish the API Betta Box has you covered and is a great value too.

Whats included:

  • API BETTA Water: Formulated for the exact requirements of Bettas. Ready to use with no mixing. 31 ounces
  • API BETTA Water Conditioner: Use your own tap water for setup or top offs. Instantly removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia and adds the soothing and healing benefits of Aloe Vera. Treats 20 gallons.
  • API BETTAFIX: All natural treatment for skin and fins of Betta Fish. Contains the healing power of Melaleuca (Tea Tree) a botanical extract that heals open wounds and repairs fins and other damaged tissue that results from handling and netting. Treats 20 gallons.
  • API floating pellet food: Complete and balanced diet for all Betta Fish that is specially formulated in the correct size for easy uptake and digestion. Fish consume more food in less time which results in fewer uneaten pellets to remove from the bowl.
  • API Betta flake food: A complete and balanced flake food diet that contains optimal protein for Bettas and is formulated to support their natural color

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