Promotes fish health
Promotes fish health

API Aquarium Salt FW 33oz Volume Promotes Fish Health

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API Aquarium Salt for Freshwater Aquariums and Ponds has become a staple for experienced aquarium hobbyists. Salt derived from evaporated sea water contains electrolytes that are essential for fish to maintain balance in their metabolic systems such as gill function. Salt also reduces stress and is beneficial in promoting disease recovery.

  • Provides essential electrolytes for proper gill function
  • Improves color and vitality
  • Reduces fish stress
  • Promotes disease recovery
  • Facilitates osmoregulation
  • All natural ingredients
Key Points:
  • Use when setting up an aquarium/changing water/treating disease
  • Please read all warnings/directions on label before using
  • Dosage: 1 rounded tablespoon per 5gal/1 rounded teaspoon per Gal
  • Benefits: provides electrolytes for improved gill function
  • Caution: Some live plants may be sensitive to salt
  • Caution: Does not evaporate or filter out. Only add with WATER CHANGE

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