Protects damage to fish cells
Protects damage to fish cells

API Ammo Lock 16oz treats 940 us gallons Instantly Detoxifies Aquarium Ammonia

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Ammo Lock is used both as an emergency ammonia detoxifier and as a regular additive to keep any ammonia from harming your fish. Ammonia can kill fish quickly and ammonia levels should be monitored regularly. 
Using Ammo Lock will promote healthy gill function and eliminate fish stressed caused by ammonia in the water. It will also detoxify chlorine and chloramine. Ammo Lock binds the ammonia molecule and converts it to a non-toxic form that can be removed with water changes or the filtration. Ammonia tests will still show the ammonia in the water but it will no longer do harm to your fish.

Key Points:
  • instantly detoxifies ammonia
  • promotes healthy gill function
  • reduces fish stress
  • detoxifies chlorine and chloramines
  • excellent replacement zeolite type products
  • excellent additive when transporting fish

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