Specially formulated for Marine Tanks
Specially formulated for Marine Tanks

API Algaefix Marine/Reef Safe Formula 16oz, treats 4,800 gals, EPA Registered

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As a reef safe aquarium algaecide, ALGAEFIX MARINE controls many types of algae in marine and reef aquariums including Red Slime Algae and Brown Algae. It will not harm marine fish, corals and other invertebrates and Will not harm coralline algae. Used weekly, ALGAEFIX MARINE does not discolor water or cause foaming and will reduce aquarium maintenance. Not sold in Canada. 


  • Controls Red Slime Algae (Oscillatoria/Spirulina major)
  • Controls Brown Algae (Cyclotella)
  • Does not cloud water or foam
  • Use weekly for best results
  • Reduces weekly maintenance
  • Convenient Dosing Cap included
  • Available in 16oz and 8oz sizes

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